How it works

Training system

Our webmaster (Adam Offra) in August 2016 has developed a brand new training system to make the life of users and training staff easier. From this day onward both Pilots and ATC can apply for training for their next rating. All you have to do is go to our new UserHub and fill in your training application and a trainer will be allocated to your request.

First Steps

Visit the training system via the link below and you will be logged in with your IVAO credentials. Once logged in you will have access to the dashboard when you can request and monitor when training will be taking place. If you need help navigating through the system do not hesitate to contact the training department or the website department to guide you through.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

– What about the IVAO theoretical exams?
You must complete these exams before your skills test. The IVAO exams are based on ICAO documentation and may differ slightly from our standards. Please read the IVAO HQ Documentation to prepare yourself. If you need specific assistance you may contact your instructor.

– Any special regulations for the exams?
In the XG division we have extra standards for each exam level. You can find the detailed document here.

– I have already obtained a C1/2/3 rating in the [IVAO] before these courses were introduced. Do I have to take cours(es) below my current rating to control?
No, your rating is valid and no requalification is required, however we strongly recommend you read through the theoretical part of all the courses to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest procedures.


Name: Marton Levente Sipos
Staff Position: XG-TC
Email address Send e-mail
Certified to instruct:
Name: Matias Demirdjian
Staff Position: XG-TAC
Email address Send e-mail
Certified to instruct:

Name: Sepehr Ebadi Borna
Staff Position: XG-TA1
Email address Send e-mail
Certified to instruct:
Name: Khalid Mohammed
Staff Position: XG-TA2
Email address Send e-mail
Certified to instruct: