Icarus Versatile ATC Client (IVAC) 2

Welcome to IVAC 2!

Here you can find all required information, tutorial what you need to be familiar with the new interface. You will face with big differences from the former software. The most important one that here you cannot edit the „sectorfiles” or Colors because they are defined by the DataPrep Team members. The software will download automatically the latest version, Please check all menu above and if you have any questions or suggestions please ask us on our forum in the specific IVAC2 Topic. NOTE: the software is under public beta testing so do not expect a full, final software!

This documentation will lead you through our FIRs specifications but for the software manual please refer here

Please refer to forum for any questions, bug reports. here

We’ve been working hard to deliver the best and most realistic possibility but please note that continues changes/improvements are expected in our FIRs.

Are you ready for something new and realistic?

Let’s start the journey!

Click here for the FIRDefinition documentation.