EVENT [13 JAN| 17.00z – 20.00z] [XG] Dubai Single Runway operations

13/01/2018 @ 17:00 – 20:00 UTC Timezone
Due to much needed maintenance Dubai (OMDB) will be reduced to a single runway January 13th 17z-20z. At the same time essential maintenance will be carried out on the ILS system.  Pilots and controllers will need to pay extra attention and rely on RNAV (GNSS) approaches.



Event Date: Saturday, January 13th 2018
Event Time: 1700z – 2000z
Event Type: Fly In/Out – Single Runway operations

Countries: United Arab Emirates
Airports involved: OMDB


Shortly before the event a simulated NOTAM will be published on the this post notifying pilots which runway is closed. ATC units will also clearly show in their ATIS which is the active runway and reiterate that the ILS is offline.


The ILS will not be operational and ATC will NOT be clearing you to intercept the ILS.

For this event you will need to be able and ready to accurately fly the RNAV (GNSS) approach to the active runway. We cannot predict the weather so it is possible that visual approaches will not be available.

You will need to understand your particular aircraft and how to correctly setup and execute an RNAV approach.

More information about RNAV can be found on the IVAO pilot training documentation site – RNP Operations here.

If you arrive and are unable to fly the RNAV approach, you may get diverted to OMSJ or OMDW. Note that OMDW is not in the default scenery so inform ATC you are unable and you will divert to OMSJ if you do not have scenery.


No bookings are required. You can decide if you want to depart or arrive anytime during the event and fly to/from where ever you wish.

Please ensure your flight plan includes valid SID or STAR entry/exit points as always.

If you’re looking for a good short flight – we suggest Doha Hamad (OTHH) as your destination or departure airport.

All pilots are kindly requested to:
> Be prepared – have access to charts.
> Note the SID altitude restrictions and STAR speed restrictions.
> Be ready – you may be asked to enter holds, fly headings and speeds.
> Remember – Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.
> Maintain radio etiquette.


We suggests all pilots to use a freeware or a payware scenery as default sceneries in the flight simulators are out of date or airport does not exist.

OMDB: Click here for scenery suggestions The default scenery for OMDB is very outdated and significantly different to real life. We highly recommend you install a good and up to date scenery.


A good pilot would never fly without charts!

OMDB: Click here for charts suggestions Pay special attention to the RNAV approach procedures.


Please bare in mind that if you book a position, other colleagues will not be able to book it anymore, as it will be reserved for you. To avoid disruption or unpleasant last minute surprises for every event participant, make sure you can 100% join us before booking your ATC Slot. Failure to show or very late cancellations may impact your chance to book future events.

All ATC must be completely familiar with applicable GCC Local Procedures available here. ATC positions have minimum ratings requirements – however a written request and approval from XG ATC Operations department may allow approval with lower FRA: atcops@ivao-xg.com

GCC Division members and GCA holders book your ATC slot in the XG ATC Management System by clicking here.



> Pilots may submit a report for each flight during the event and will receive 1 point for each flight submitted and validated. You can fly more than once within the event times.
> ATC may submit a report for each block of 2 hours of service and will receive 1 point for each 2 hour block.

  Pilots please report flight on EVENTPILOT18 under the XG Division on the tours MODA system here.
  ATC please report service on EVENTATC18 under the XG Division on the tours MODA system here.