[03 FEB|11z – 20z] [HQ+XG+FR+DE+ES+IT+HU+SA+GR+TR+IR+IN] Destination Dubai 3.0


Event Date: Saturday, 3rd of February 2018
Event Time: 1000z – 2000z (arrivals between 17-20z)
Event Type: Long Haul (FULL ATC DUBAI)

Countries: United Arab Emirates, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Italia, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran and India


GCC division is happy to give you the possibility to win one A380 or B773 model 1:200 scale from the Emirates Official store, for members who participate the event.


For more information click here



Pilots have a choice of airports to depart from with any aircraft of choice. There are departure starting times below, you can take off when you want, but make sure you calculate to arrive in the arrival period at Dubai which is 1700-2000z.

  • Paris, France (LFPG) – 1030z (starting)
  • Munich, Germany (EDDM) – 1100z (starting)
  • Barcelona, Spain (LEBL) – 1015z (starting)
  • Roma, Italy (LIRF) – 1200z (starting)
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (OEJN) – 1400z (starting)
  • Athens, Greece (LGAV) – 1230z (starting)
  • Mumbai, India (VABB) – 1330z (starting)
  • Budapest, Hungary (LHBP) – 1130z (starting)
  • Tehran, Iran (OIIE) – 1530z (starting)
  • Istanbul, Turkey (LTBA) – 1230z (starting)

All pilots are kindly requested to:
Read the pilot guide before the event about Dubai and its procedures. Can be found here.
Make sure you have a VALID SID and STAR!
> Be prepared – have access to charts.
> Note the SID altitude restrictions and STAR speed restrictions.
> Be ready – you may be asked to enter holds, fly headings and speeds.
> Remember – Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.
> Maintain radio etiquette.


We suggests all pilots to use a freeware or a payware scenery as default sceneries in the flight simulators are out of date or airport does not exist.

OMDB: Click here for scenery suggestions 
LFPG: Click here for scenery suggestions 
EDDM: Click here for scenery suggestions 
LEBL: Click here for scenery suggestions 
LIRF: Click here for scenery suggestions 
OEJN: Click here for scenery suggestions 
LGAV: Click here for scenery suggestions 
VABB: Click here for scenery suggestions 
LHBP: Click here for scenery suggestions 
OIIE: Click here for scenery suggestions 
LTBA: Click here for scenery suggestions 


A good pilot would never fly without charts!

OMDB: Click here for charts suggestions 
LFPG: Click here for charts suggestions and go to eAIP FRANCE section.
EDDM: Click here for charts suggestions 
LEBL:Click here for charts suggestions 
LIRF: No charts suggestions available
OEJN: Click here for charts suggestions 
LGAV: Click here for charts suggestions 
VABB: Click here for charts suggestions 
LHBP: Click here for charts suggestions 
OIIE: Click here for charts suggestions 
LTBA: Click here for charts suggestions 


GCC Division members:

GCC Division members and GCA holders book your ATC slot via our ATC form by clicking here.
ANY person who books the session starting 1700z should be online 1630z (30 mins before arrival period starting)!

Other Division members:

ES: Send an email to lecb-turnos@ivao.es with VID, Name and availability.
IT: Send your candidature with favorite position, availability time and your rating at: lirr@ivao.it
IN: Click here for ATC booking 
IR: Click here for ATC booking 
TR: Click here for ATC booking 



Pilots who attends the event can receive the “Aviation Celebration Tours and Events” award.
ATC who attends the event can receive the “ATC Events” award.
> Pilots may also submit a report for each flight during the event and will receive 1 point for each flight submitted and validated.
> ATC may also submit a report for each block of 2 hours of service and will receive 1 point for each 2 hour block.

  This event is elligble for the HQ event Award, for more informations click here
  Pilots please report sessions on DESTDUBPILOT3 under the XG Division on the tours MODA system here.
  ATC please report service on DESDUBATC3 under the XG Division on the tours MODA system here.

  Pilots please report flight on EVENTPILOT18 under the XG Division on the tours MODA system here.
  ATC please report service on EVENTATC18 under the XG Division on the tours MODA system here.